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Latino Family Institute Goals
  • Maintain children in their families of origin.
  • Reunify children with their birth parents or extended family.
  • Increase the number of permanent homes for Latino children.
  • Preserve the integrity of Latino adoptive families.
  • Elevate the Latino community's awareness of the need for Latino adoptive and foster homes.
  • Expand the number of culturally relevant assessment services.
  • Facilitate and support Kinship adoptions.
  • Train child welfare professionals on issues related to the Latino adoption and foster care experience.
Latino Family Institute (LFI) is more than an adoption and foster care agency, as we maintain close contact with our children and families. Since Latino children come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds (Mexican, Central american, South american and Caribbean), we sponsor and organize various cultural events for our families. These events are designed to promote awareness and respect for the various Latin American cultures.
Latino Family Institute (LFI) is a resource to children and families.

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