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Latino Family Institute History

Latino Family Institute, Inc. (LFI) is a private, nonprofit adoption and foster care organization based in Los Angeles County.  LFI has been providing culturally responsive services to foster and adoptive parents (resource parents) and children since 1989 when it was founded as Hispanic Family Institute, a project under El Centro Human Services Corporation.  LFI was the first Latino adoption and foster care agency in California. In 1996, the program was incorporated under the name Latino Family Institute and in 1997, obtained 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit status. For four years, the agency operated as a division of the Institute for Black Parenting, a full-service adoption and foster care agency licensed in the targeted counties.

In 2000, LFI was licensed, under its new name, as a full-service adoption and foster care agency serving  Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties.   LFI is a resource for Latino families who have historically lacked services as a result of cultural and linguistic barriers.  Although LFI specializes in serving Latino children and families, we are a non-profit agency that serves all communities, ethnic groups, and the LGBTQ community. Our agency has a long history of collaborative partnership with the Human Rights Campaign.  


LFI is licensed to recruit resource families (foster and adoptive families), complete home studies, and approve resource families for placement of children in foster, adoption or relative placement with families who understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences on children. Families are trained to provide trauma and developmentally informed parenting in a nurturing, predictable and safe environment.  LFI provides education, training, consultation and support services.

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