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Programs that Strengthen Families


Latino Family Institute (LFI) is an adoption agency specializing in serving children in need of permanency. Our goal is to develop a pool of adoptive families who will develop the necessary skills to become successful parents.

Foster Care

Foster parents provide a supportive and stable environment for children temporarily unable to live with their parents due to family circumstances. In most cases, the foster parents work with agency staff to reunite the child with their birth parent(s).  

Kinship Adoption

Kinship Adoption recognizes the importance of family ties and cultural connections. Our goal is to guide you through the application process. LFI provides adoption case management services to relative caretakers in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside.

Resource Family

The Resource Family Approval (RFA) process is the same whether you are interested in becoming a foster, adopt, or do both.  We are required by the child welfare system to approve all of our families for both foster care and adoption at the same time.  The Resource Family Approval allows for a seamless process.

Training & Consultation

LFI has trained on a local, state and national level in over twenty-three (23) states in addition to presenting in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Grant Programs History

LFI has received Federal, State, and local county funding since its inception to provide culturally relevant services to the communities of Southern California.  

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