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Kinship Adoption

Latino Family Institute, (LFI) receives referrals from local child welfare agencies to provide case management services to families interested in adopting their relative children.  Kinship Adoption recognizes the importance of family ties and cultural connections.  Our goal is to guide you through the application process.  LFI provides adoption case management services to relative caretakers in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside.  Services include Application Process, Family Preparation, Placement Process, Post Placement Issues and Post Legal Services.

Adoption By Relatives


When adopting a child, who is a relative, you are helping in numerous ways. Perhaps the most important is that the child will be able to maintain family ties. In addition, the child's legal rights and responsibilities will be transferred to the adopting relative. Once the adoption is completed, supervision of the court or social services is no longer required; the adopting relative has all the authority and responsibilities of a parent.

The following will apply if you, a relative, decides to adopt:​


  • You will be assessed by the agency to make sure you can provide the child a safe and healthy home.

  • You may be eligible for Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) payments and Medi-Cal for the child until the age of eighteen, or longer if the child has certain medical conditions.

  • You may sign legally binding Kinship adoption agreement to instruct the birth parents or other relatives on the contact they may have with your adopted child.


Kinship Adoption Process


LFI Case Managers are knowledgeable about the adoption process and collaborate with local county workers for families to receive timely services.  Case managers provide a full realm of services including home visits, assistance with documentation, agency referrals, and home study referrals and assisting with the adoption placement and finalization.

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