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How To Become a Resource Family

A Resource Family Approval (RFA) is required to operate a resource family home. A Social Worker will visit your home to meet with you and other family members. Your home or apartment must meet safety and space requirements. Foster parents work with agency staff to determine the type of child best suited for their home (i.e., age). Depending on the availability of children, they may be placed immediately after approval. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Resource Family

Step 1: First Contact

Must get in contact with our office via:

Step 2: Orientation

Register for an Orientation meeting with our Family Development Specialist to learn the information about child welfare system, fostering and building a family through foster care and/or adoption.  During orientation, you will have the opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered.  Please visit our calendar page for upcoming orientation dates and times.  * Special arrangements available upon request.

Step 3: Training & Documentation Support


Complete training required by the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process.  Topics covered in training included child welfare system, foster care and adoption, and the effect of trauma and loss. Training is available on weekends and/or weekdays upon request. The application packet will be completed concurrently with training.

Step 4: Home Study

The family assessment consists of three interviews with everyone residing in the home.  Some of the topics covered during the assessment will include family, health, employment and education history, housing arrangements, childcare experience and your motivation to become a resource parent.

Step 5: Home Inspection


Once the home study has been approved, the next step is to inspect your home.  The inspection will consist of a visual inspection of the home following the safety regulations set forth by the state and county.  These requirements will be given to you in advance to allow you time to prepare and you will have the opportunity to address any issues found prior to approval.  After the home inspection has satisfactorily met all requirements, an LFI representative will finalize the final necessary documentation with the family.

Step 6: Resource Family Approval


Congratulations, you have completed the Resource Family Approval process! 

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